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Friday, February 9, 2007

Capello Admits Beckham Error, Says He Has Been Won Over.

Fabio Capello admitted that his doubts about Beckham's commitment and intensity had evaporated in the face of the Englishman's efforts, and declared that the only intelligent thing to do was to correct past mistakes.

"We had doubts if he would train with the same enthusiasm after that, but he has been working perfectly.

"He has also always had complete support from the rest of the team, and has behaved like a great professional, as a result of which, he now returns to the squad. said Capello during a press conference.

Don Fabio clarified that the decision was his alone - taken in the absence of pressure from anyone else - and honestly admitted that he might have rushed into punishing the former England skipper.

David Beckham will return to the Real Madrid squad after over a month, and for the first time since he signed his contract with Los Angeles Galaxy.