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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ronaldinho In Swipe At Eto’o

Barcelona’s Ronaldinho has criticised team-mate Samuel Eto’o after his refusal to come on as a substitute. Barca boss Frank Rijkaard wanted to give substitute Eto’o five minutes at the end of the game as he continues his comeback from a knee injury, but the Cameroon star did not want to play.

"Everything depends on the player and the particular situation, but it always is important to think about what's best for the team," said Ronaldinho.

Rijkaard himself revealed: "Eto'o was warming up (in the 69th minute), but later when it came to putting him on, he did not want to go. It is a pity, but I still have not been able to speak with him and I do not know the cause of his decision."

It is being reported that Eto'o had been told he would play for half-an-hour and by the end of the match he did not want to come on at all. Eto'o will now meet with Rijkaard in training to resolve the situation.