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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wenger Hits Back, Questions Mourinho's Class!

Arsene Wenger responded to Mourinho's taunt over never having won the Champions League, by suggesting that it was consistency over 10 or 15 years as a coach, and consistent good use of resources, that mattered. Wenger also took another shot at Mourinho by suggesting that the Chelsea coach did not have the class to handle success.

With the Carling Cup final 48 hours away, the now customary mind games are in full flow as both Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho try to edge the psychological advantage. Mourinho had earlier suggested that Wenger was not in the same league as him, having never won the Champions League.

"Whether I am big or small is not so important, it is not my obsession," Wenger responded this afternoon. "Plenty of managers have won the Champions League who will not be considered as great managers.

"What is important is that you look at the careers of ten, 15 or 20 years."
"The importance of the manager is over a longer distance. It is the continuity in his career."

"It will not change my life if I do not win the Champions League," he continued.

The Arsenal boss then went on to have another dig, suggesting Mourinho did not have the class to handle success, by saying that he was not "jumping on tables" around when Arsenal were the undisputed class of the Premiership,

"We played a whole season unbeaten [2003-04] but you did not see me every week jumping on the tables," he said, obviously pointing towards the Chelsea coach's constant clamour for attention.
"If you would like to compare every manager, give each one the same amount of resources. After five years you can see who has done the most."