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Sunday, March 4, 2007

BBC Strikes a Youtube deal!

In a move that seems to run contrary to recent trends, YouTube has actually come to an agreement with a major content provider. The BBC announced on Friday that it has struck a deal with the popular video-sharing site that will see the UK based broadcasting company share in advertising revenue generated by YouTube traffic.

After highly publicized breakdowns in negotiations with CBS and Viacom, it looks like Google and YouTube have finally managed to court a suitor into the video-sharing fold, avoiding any potential
copyright snares that might ensue with current BBC content on the site.

The BBC's Tim Weber has more on the particulars of the agreement:

"One of the BBC's two entertainment channels will be a "public service" proposition, featuring no advertising."

"It will show clips like trailers and short features that add value - for example, video diaries of David Tennant showing viewers around the set of Dr Who or BBC correspondent Clive Myrie
explaining how difficult it is to report from the streets of Baghdad."