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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Player Ratings: Manchester United - AS Roma

Manchester United:

van der Sar - 6 - It was not the busiest night for the Dutchman and he wasn't convincing, although anything was going to be an improvement from his weekend fiasco.

O'Shea - 7 - Mr Versatile did his job very well for United at full-back as he provided plenty of cover for the wave and wave of attacks.

Brown - 7 -
A potential weak link following the loss of Nemanja Vidic to injury, but he can't be faulted on a night like tonight.

Ferdinand - 7 - Another player keen to improve on the weekends performance and he did just that, while also offered a surprise attacking option with the occassion run through the middle.

Heinze - 7 - The Argentine completes the set of defenders that did their job without being spectacular, but on a night like tonight it is the attacking six that are going to get all the praise.

Ronaldo - 9 - Is there a better player in the World at the moment? If there is I have not seen him in action! Just majestic from the winger, who plays football as if it were art. There are few better sights in football than when Ronaldo is running at speed at defenders, although for Roma it is a sight that will give them nightmares for years.

Fletcher - 8 - In for Paul Scholes, which is not an easy thing to do, but in a totally different way he was just as effective. The Scot worked so hard for his team and will have won over many critics with a fine and gutsy display.

Carrick - 9 - Two sensational goals from a player who is now truly at home at his level. There will be nobody questioning his price tag if he continues to show he has goals in his game. He could have had a third and it would have been deserved.

Giggs - 9 - The Welshman may be the veteran of the outfield players, but the way that he plays the game is so energetic it defies his years. However, his choice of passes is where he shows his experience.

Rooney - 8 - The striker was asked to play out wide and support from the flanks which is not his strongest position, but he was a tireless performer and still arrived with a strikers goal. Excellent performance.

Smith - 8 - United would admit they would rather still have Henrik Larsson or even Luis Saha, but Smith was another player that showed his worth with extra work rate and few would deny his well taken first half goal was well earned.


Doni - 4 - Most of the goals were such good finishes that he can't be expected to have saved them, but nonetheless Doni's lack of saves to shots is very poor. He should be more angry with the players ahead of him.

Panucci - 4 - Vastly experienced international, but made to look like a school boy as United used all the tricks in the books to get past him with their various attacks.

Mexes - 3 - Shocking display from the Frenchman who was reduced to show his lack of class with petty fouls in the closing stages.

Chivu - 4 - The Romanian will have been wishing his mask would have covered his entire face so nobpdy would recognise such an uncharacteristic display.

Cassetti - 4 - Ronaldo will have given Cassetti nightmares for years to come, but hopefully he'll then learn how to deal with the wing wizard.

Wilhelmsson - 5 - Marginally more industrious in midfield, but too often poor distribition cost his side dearly. A shadow of what he is capable of.

De Rossi - 6 - Not the worst performance from the Italian despite the outcome, but his lack of support from midfield options was telling. He also scored with a nice finish.

Vucinic - 4 - Totally overrun in midfield and unable to exert any real authority on the game.

Pizarro - 5 - At times he was involved in decent link up play, but so often the final ball was lacking and there wasn't the commitment to get back and deal with United's pacy attacks.

Mancini - 5 - Similar to above, but with even less involvement.

Totti - 7 - Probably the only Roma player that can be proud of their display, as at least the skipper showed commitment. At times it looked as if he was playing on his own and he may have done better if he wass.

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